Micom transportable stations consist of either a 25 watt manpack or a 125 watt complete transceiver package installed in a rugged suitcase.  The manpack is being used around the world for ground operations where line-of-site radios no longer work.  The suitcase radio is designed for fast deployments and can be carried on commercial aircraft as carry-on luggage. 


25 Watt HF Manpack

Micom 3 Pathfinder is a 25 watt manpack transceiver package.  

The Micom Pathfinder HF-SSB transceiver provides reliable long-range radio communications in a rugged and durable backpack configuration built to withstand severe shock, vibration, and extreme weather conditions. The lightweight Homeland Security version of the Micom, the Pathfinder, makes it especially suitable for users who carry out on-foot field operations.

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125 watt Rapid deployment package

Micom 3 RDP is a self contained 125 watt PEP and AVG HF/SSB transceiver.  The kit includes a built in 12VDC / 110/220VAC power supply, cooling fans, accessory connector for adding an external modem, options for embedded modem and Vocoder for Digital Voice, and a tuner in the lid.  The kit includes a long-wire antenna as well.

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Commencing January 2020, Royal Communications International, Inc. is pleased to announce that in addition to the  MICOM HF-SSB products, we will now be offering high quality BARRETT Communications products and systems. 

The Barrett radios include several advanced capabilities and enhanced features to meet your communication needs.

The Micom 4 development has been delayed until further notice.  

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During the summer June-July 2017, pilot Brian Lloyd commenced his round-the-world flight to commemorate Amelia Earhart’s route eighty years ago in 1937. The two month flight followed Earhart’s historic equatorial route. Royal Communications International, Inc. was honored to support Brian throughout his expedition.


“I chose the Micom3T transceiver for my historic recreation of Amelia Earhart's flight due to its robust construction and outstanding reputation for reliability in a harsh environment. While the control head is mounted in the cabin and lives in a more benign environment, the receiver/transmitter unit resides in an unheated and unpressurized avionics bay where the temperature may vary from +45C to -20C and the altitude may top 24,000 feet. In spite of this harsh environment the Micom3T performed well. 


But even the best equipment can fail and I did experience an intermittent failure of the receiver/transmitter unit. A single call to Royal Communications had a replacement unit on its way to me on the other side of the world in a day. Clearly the emphasis was to get my communications back up and running reliably as quickly as possible. I am extremely pleased with the level of support I received. The replacement unit operated and continues to operate reliably.


I recommend Royal Communications and Micom products without any reservation. They provide excellent service, great support, and reliable products. Thanks Royal!” - Brian Lloyd

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