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Royal Communications International received a 98 on Duns and Bradstreet’s past performance evaluation.



During the summer June-July 2017, pilot Brian Lloyd commenced his round-the-world flight to commemorate Amelia Earhart’s route eighty years ago in 1937. The two month flight followed Earhart’s historic equatorial route. Royal Communications International, Inc. was honored to support Brian throughout his expedition. 


“I chose the Micom3T transceiver for my historic recreation of Amelia Earhart's flight due to its robust construction and outstanding reputation for reliability in a harsh environment. While the control head is mounted in the cabin and lives in a more benign environment, the receiver/transmitter unit resides in an unheated and unpressurized avionics bay where the temperature may vary from +45C to -20C and the altitude may top 24,000 feet. In spite of this harsh environment the Micom3T performed well. 


But even the best equipment can fail and I did experience an intermittent failure of the receiver/transmitter unit. A single call to Royal Communications had a replacement unit on its way to me on the other side of the world in a day. Clearly the emphasis was to get my communications back up and running reliably as quickly as possible. I am extremely pleased with the level of support I received. The replacement unit operated and continues to operate reliably.


I recommend Royal Communications and Micom products without any reservation. They provide excellent service, great support, and reliable products. Thanks Royal!” - Brian Lloyd

Brian Lloyd






"We have operated thirty Micom 3F radios for the past 5 years.  They are online 24 x 7 x 365 and we have experienced very few problems, all of which were handled quickly by technical support.  The ease of use is unsurpassed and operator training takes only a few minutes.  We also have sixteen Micom 3T radios that are used occasionally and have had zero issues.

These are rock solid performers that tolerate less than perfect SWR and environmental conditions.  We would buy them again if we expanded our system."

AT&T Network Disaster Recovery

Senior Network Support





“This letter is to confirm that our organization has purchased nearly 1500 Micom high frequency single sideband (HF-SSB) radio products since we were first introduced to them in the mid 1990’s. These radios are used for Base Stations, Vehicular Mounted Mobiles, and Rapid Deployment Packages, and are currently deployed across the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The radios have performed extremely well in our networks over the last decade in both the Conventional and Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) Modes. The units are easy to use from an operator’s perspective, and are easy to install and repair from the maintainer’s perspective. Of particular significance is the Technical Support from Mobat USA, which has also been exemplary over the years.

Please accept my congratulations on producing a truly outstanding product.”

United States Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol

National Technology Center





“We have purchased several thousand Micom HF radios and ancillary devices from Elbit Systems over the past ten years.  In addition we have utilized their technical assistance on numerous occasions. In all instances the service and products provided have been excellent. Any assistance we required with configuration or installation has been addressed in a professional and timely manner. We purchase their products and services on a regular basis and plan on continuing to do so in the future. We have Mobat HF systems installed in more than 260 locations worldwide and are completely satisfied with the products and services offered.”

United States Department of State

HF Programs Manager





“While I was the director of the Idaho Bureau of Disaster Services, the bureau had occasion to purchase the Micom radio with Automatic Linking Establishment (ALE) feature both for the State of Idaho and for our forty-four counties. I found the radio to be of very high quality and easy to use.
Given the number of natural disasters that have occurred this year, not only here in the United States, but globally as well, I am reminded of the need for a backup radio system that is capable of automatic operation. Certainly the Micom radio answered that need.
Since I was both the bureau’s director and its Communications Officer, I wanted you to know that I was very satisfied with the great performance of the Micom radio and more importantly, with the service that I received from you personally and from Mobat USA. “ 

Idaho Bureau of Disaster Services

Program Director

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