HF transceivers have an accessory connector that provides TX and RX audio, Push-to-Talk input, programming and a variety of other inputs/outputs.  The accessories that are available will enhance the transceivers capabilities.  Voice privacy, phone patch, modems, cross-band... the possibilities are many. 


Simulcast on 2, 3, or 4 radios

The Micom™ Link II is a new generation of multi-crosspatch with capabilities for different users of VHF or UHF. The crosspatch is capable of analog and/or digital radios with HF/ SSB.


The Micom™ Link II allows a user to transmit on a single radio as well as simulcast on 2, 3, or 4 radios, while in repeater (RPT) mode. The operator can deselect the appropriate radio to transmit exclusively on a selected radio.


Micom™ Link II may also be configured for VOX or COR operation for each individual radio. The VOX circuit has a two second hang time to prevent premature dropping of the PTT when the audio drops .


On VHF/UHF networks with the Micom™ Link II we can activate (ON) and Deactivate (OFF) the crosspatch by a specific DTMF sequence sent by a station on the VHF/UHF network without the need of an operator.


When the networks are linked, incoming audio from the HF network is broadcast on the VHF/UHF network and vice versa.


Mobile antenna mount solution

Affordable, Reliable and Removable Royal Communications International introduces the first hassle-free, removable antenna mount.

Universal mounting system for canister style antenna tuners like the MICOM WIMA antenna or similar.

Mounts in a standard 2” receiver style hitch.

Allows full access to the rear hatch or tailgate in the open position.

Powder-coated box steel design for maximum strength and durability.

Includes grounding strap.


24VDC power supply

The Barrett 4022 Power Supply with built-in charger is designed to provide regulated power to one 4050 Transceiver and one accessory. The 4022 also has provision for a battery backup system in case of mains power failure. The battery backup incorporates a true automatic no-break change over circuit with a battery charging system, which restricts the output to the maximum 13.8 V of the battery.


13.8VDC output with battery backup

The LPHP-4012-BC is a desktop power supply that comes with adjustable DC output voltage and a power connection factor of .98, which saves 25% of electrical cost. It comes with a short circuit/over load/ over temperature protection and a cooling fan that helps flow air throughout the unit. Battery backup/charge circuit is also included.


Automatic HF/ALE phone patch (FLN2824)

The Micom-Tel FLN2824, automatic telephone interconnect via PABX/PSTN for use in ALE mode will enhances long distance communications via HF link or land line to any remote HF site. It offers the capability to connect the Micom-Radio to telephone PABX networks. Using a Micom-Radio, any remote HF station (fixed and/or mobile) can be easily interconnected to a land line or mobile/cellular telephone.  

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