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Since 1988, Royal Communications International has been supplying communications equipment designed for the military, professional, and amateur market. We specialize in the sales and service of Barrett High Frequency, Single Sideband transceivers that are dependable and easy to use.  We also support and repair Micom HF/SSB equipment.

Barrett HF transceiver on USCG small boat

Communications equipment that works when you need it!

Barrett 4050 Mobile

Barrett 4050 in a trunk mount configuration, 125 watt transceiver.  Install the transceiver in the trunk and the control head in the cabin.

Barrett PRC-4090 Manpack

PRC-4090 transceiver provides secure email, data transfer and telephone connectivity within a HF network and outwards to international telephone and internet networks.

Barrett HF Base Station

Base stations from 125 watt, up to 4KW.  versatile installation with options for remote control as well as local control

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